Guidelines On Fruit And Vegetable Exports

First step to exporting fruits and vegetables is been a producer or train someone to produce for you.
The need to be a producer is necessary to be able to guarantee quality of what you want to export.
We can deduce from all the write ups here that getting the certification is not going to be just a walk over.
We are however banking on the power of network.
If we watch the shared video, we will understand why its necessary for every group members to be carried along.
Group certification comes a bit cheap because the cost will be shared. Cost of hosting farm assurer will also be shared

Moving forward, we all need to decide on one or two crops that we can all produce together for the targeted market.
In considering crops to be selected  the following are necessary….
*  A crop that is domestically acceptable so we can use the local market as some test run before we get the export certificate.

Please put in mind that the certification can only be given to a functional farm that already has a system in place.
* A crop that can be preserve should be considered. 

Possibly something that can be dried for its second hand value in case of glut pending when we get the export market.
* An easily grown crop.

Some crops like okro are easy to grow. Withing 50 days one start harvesting.
Using sample does not suggest we should grow that crop. 
* highly demanded crops.

Crop like French beans and cut flowers  dominate the Kenya export market. 

All year round they are in high demand
* Pest resistance crops should also be considered when choosing our agreed exports crop.
The essence of certification is for consumers to be able to trace the source of their food.
This is where the word traceability comes in.
Traceability is the process that makes it possible to find the trace of the various steps and locations a product has passed through from its creation through to its final disposal. 
And we all know production of food start from our farm.
So the certification is about knowing everything that happens from the farm to point of sales

The 5 major steps that we will be developing action plan for are

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