What Will People Say

Right from time i know i am an odd one out. I have never love what every other child love. Their interest is never my interest.
So i bury myself in books. 
I read everything readable. 

Romance, thrillers, action etc.
Reading books has always taken me to places. Even though i have never gone out of my little london village but in my heart through my books i have travelled the whole world.
I have been to the Casinos

The strippers club

The betting room
Some good holiday at the beach.

I have been at celebrity dinner.

The spa for some beautiful massage 
Anti lets go… 

My cousins voice from distance with a tap to bring me back to reality.
” Are we through here? I will ask
This is always the scenario in the market place. She always want me to go with her whenever i am at home. 
Trust i am always with my books. The moment she start pricing or haggling i am back in my world. And she has to always  jolt me back to reality.
My grandma will always ask for me to drop the books. For i move with it every where.
Its mad people that pick papers. She will add
She cant seem to understand why i have to always move with books which to her is same as paper
In as much as i tried to be the good girl, the epitome of good home training, my spirit will never allowed to be tamed. 
Withing me i realise i have got plenty to give to the world. 
In all this, i have learnt to relate with all kind of people, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Little do i know that those “readings travellings” were preparing me for the work ahead. They are equipping me to be an instrument of value.
Until we truly know our purpose…

Until we truly know what we have..

We will always live in someones shadow

We will always live for what people will say
And we will never realise our full potential.
And we would have passed through life without making any impact.
And you will have nothing to say when God ask you….
“What did you do with the talent i gave you”
I came to understand i have got my life to live
She always love me to follow her 
I am a book addict.

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