Is It Our Money Or Her Money?

Should a Wife’s Money be ” Hers ” , while the husband’s be ” Ours ” ?
With the rising influence of feminism, and/or divergent ways of doing things, ladies are beginning to re-define the way things should be done in marriage ( Not saying it is wrong for ladies to have expectations and look out for it though). 
One important aspect of the family that is affected in a marriage is the issue of ” finance ”
Now, I heard a lady saying she can’t collect money from any man, because she doesn’t want to be told the husband made her or made her wealthy. 
It touched my heart. 
This meant that in the marriage she wanted to keep her money, hence her money is hers, while the husband’s money is either his or ” theirs “. 
What is your view on this subject? 
Do you agree? 
I thought marriage should be 50/50. 
Or better still couples should look for ways to work with a formula that works with them…
 What do you think?
Suggestions please.. Wife’s money, Our Money… 
Joint Account, and separate individual accounts. 
 makydebbie wrote

That’ll be cheating. 
His money is our money same with mine as our money too. 
If we start holding our money because we worked for it individually, then the oneness in our marriage evaporates.
 MhizzAJ wrote

I don’t think i can even operate a joint account 
All from Nairaland

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