AF1 Week 1 October 8th.
We started AF1 Last week. But we will repeat again for the benefit of those that are not just joining us
AF 1.1  Site History And Site Management.
 The aim of this section is to ensure that the land, buildings and other facilities, which constitute the runnings of the farm, are properly manage.
This is to ensure the safe production of food and protection of the environment. 
AF 1. 1. 1   Site History 
 Identification in the form of:
– A physical sign at each field/orchard, greenhouse/yard/plot/livestock building/pen, or other farm area/location; 
– A farm map, which also identifies the location of water sources, storage/handling facilities, ponds, stables, etc. and that could be cross-referenced to the identification system. 
AF 1.1.2   Site Management 
Involves risk assessment inform of 
– Potential physical, chemical (including allergens) and biological hazards
– Site history (for sites that are new to agricultural production, history of five years is advised and a minimum of one year shall be known)
– Impact of proposed enterprises on adjacent stock/crops/ environment, and the health and safety of animals in the scope of the livestock and aquaculture certification.
Note and the week assignment
1. We will be writing down the brief history of our farm.
To include land size, buildings, yard plots, chicken coop, ponds all physical structure on our farm
2. Imagine our team want to visit your farm and you will be away, sketch out a map for us to find our way without any guidance eg location of farm house, equipments, etc
3. Lets imagine there is a poultry beside your farm, what risk do you think your farm could be susceptible to due to inappropriate disposal of waste?
Also what risk will your farm constitute to the water ways in your environment if you are using chemicals?
We hope to see at least 2 group members write out their own assignment on the platform before the week runs out.
Do have some wonderful week ahead

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