Pepper Product definition
*  The chilli pepper is the fruit of plants of the genus Capsicum. 
*  Red chillies contain large amounts of vitamin C and small amounts of carotene (provitamin A). 
*  Considerably lower amounts of both substances are contained in yellow and, especially, green chillies (which are essentially unripe fruit). 
*  Peppers are also a good source of most B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6.
*   They are very high in potassium, magnesium and iron. 
*  The substances that give chilli peppers their intensity are called capsaicinoids.
The five domesticated species of chilli peppers are as follows:
1.  Capsicum annuum: (varieties including wax, cayenne, jalapeño and chiltepin)
2.  Capsicum baccatum: (South American aji peppers)
3. Capsicum chinense: (Naga, habanero, Datil and Scotch bonnet)
4. Capsicum frutescens: (Malagueta, tabasco and Thai peppers, piri piri, and Malawian Kambuzi)
5. Capsicum pubescens: (South American rocoto peppers)
*  Commodity code for fresh chilli peppers
Number Product
*       Uses  of Fresh Pepper.
Fresh or chilled fruits of the genus Capsicum or pimenta (excl. for industrial manufacture of capsaicin or capsicum oleoresin dyes, for industrial manufacture of essential oils or resinoids, and sweet peppers)
*       Product specification
–   Quality
Chilli peppers can be divided into three classes according to quality:
*  Extra Class,

*  Class I and

*  Class II.
 Chilli peppers should be

*   intact, 

*   clean and sound, and

*   practically free of pests, 

*   no damage,

*   free from abnormal external moisture and 

*   free from  internal browning, in addition to 

*   being able to withstand transport and handling.
*          Size
Chilli peppers in a package…

–  must be uniform and 

–  packages should contain only chilli peppers of the same origin, variety or commercial type, quality and size (if sized). 
*  The size of chilli peppers is determined by either length or diameter.
 The following bullet points apply to all classes:
Sized by length:

Size Code 1: peppers < 4 cm

Size Code 2: peppers 4–8 cm

Size Code 3; peppers 8–12 cm

Size Code 4: peppers 12–16 cm

Size Code 5: peppers > 16 cm
*     Sized by diameter:

–  The difference between the diameters of chilli peppers in the same package may not exceed 2 cm.
–  It is acceptable for about 10% percent of the product to be of the next lower size standard.
*      Packaging
*   Chilli peppers should be packed in a way that ensures proper protection for the product.
*   The visible part of the contents of the package must be representative of the entire contents.
*  The materials used inside the package must be clean and of such a quality that it prevents any external or internal damage to the produce.
*   The use of materials (particularly paper or stamps bearing trade specifications) is allowed, provided that the printing or labelling has been done with non-toxic ink or glue.
*  Stickers individually affixed to the produce shall be such that, when removed, they leave neither visible traces of glue nor lead to skin defects.
*  Packages must be free of all foreign matter.

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