Praying Away Techinical Work

Nigerians pray too much.
Twice today i have read where someone suggested to a farmer to pray away pests destroying his crop..
Someone again ask what if one pray to remove the effects of toxic chemicals from food before eating…
We take God for granted when we dont do our own part of the bargain but resort to prayer
You are hungry..

. Pray instead of growing food.
You need money…

. Pray instead of working
You have headache…

. pray instead of visiting the health centre
We have replace work with prayer.

We are a miracle loving nation
Thats why we have so many religious house.
The money meant to start a small business have been diverted into buying ..

” blood of jesus water

” funds for alfa and pastor
And we keep impoverishing ourselves.
Sure God must be wondering the kind of stupidity we display.
Especially in the developing countries

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