Use Of Banned Pesticide In Developing Country

*     Pesticide Bans
Lets discuss pesticides. 
Pesticides is generally what the farmers use in crop protection.
So many toxic pesticides are banned in other countries but the producers divert them to developing countries in Africa of which my beloved country Nigeria falls in
* POPs means Persistent Organic Pollutants. 
POPs chemicals don’t break down easily and can remain in the environment for a long time. 
Many of them evaporate in hot climates, travel through the atmosphere and settle in colder environments.
 They tend to accumulate in the body fat of animals in ever increasing quantities eventually leading to long term physiological effects such as …

* infertility, 

* cancer and hormonal disruption. 
Some of these effects can also be passed from one generation to another.
*  Are banned pesticides being sold in developing countries?
There are many cases where highly hazardous pesticides, which are not permitted for use in industrialized countries, are exported to developing countries. 
For a pesticide to be banned, it has to be registered first. 
*  Some pesticide companies have not registered or re-registered products which they knew would have not have been authorized in their own country but continue to produce and export the same products to developing countries 
*  There are also cases of pesticide manufacturers increasing exports of products that have been banned or restricted in their own countries, possibly in order to use up existing stocks or to compensate for depleted local markets. 
*  Pesticide companies have also been able to circumvent bans on specific products by building formulation plants for the product in developing countries.
 They then supply the technical grade active ingredients needed to make the pesticide and claim that the product itself is locally manufactured. 
*  The argument is put forward that developing countries are demanding these hazardous pesticides because less toxic products are often too expensive
The above is what we eat in developing countries because we dont care about what we eat.
We have no regulation and our border is very porous

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