On Strategic Marketing

A bag of well package cucumber contain between 80- 90 pieces of cucumber.

The bag most times in the market sells between N3,500 – N4,000.
The farmer ..

* produce the cucumber with all the attendance challenges.
* pay laborers, buy seeds, by bags
* pay for transportation to market.
Deducting transportation fee of N500 to Ibadan.

Packing and loading of N200.
Seeds money to be deducted
Farmer may end up having N1,000 as profit per bag
*   A consumer buys the same size of cucumber for between N100- N150 during the average period.
If 80 pieces is in a bag at N100, the cucumber would have fetched N8,000.
At N150 for 80 pieces, the bag commands N12,000.
The better for a farmer to have a direct link to the consumers.
Yes its some hard venture. Its never going to be easy.
But for how long do farmer tend to be working for somebody?
Thats why farmers are not getting rich.

We keep working for the owners

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