GLOBAL GAP Certification Requirement

Still on AF4
Hazard to workers health and safety.
Sure most of us will not be happy with this aspect of GLOBAL GAP requirement. 
Sure we all agree that the workers are vital to our work. 
But how many of us do really take care of workers as we are suppose to?
Unfortunately its one of the main requirements for exports certification.
The machineries and equipments we use on the farm and in the pack house could one way or the other affects or harm our workers if not properly handled.
That could impact workers health and safety (e.g. new machinery, new buildings, new plant protection products, modified cultivation practices, etc.) 
 Examples of when hazards could occur include but are not limited to:

*  Moving machine parts, 

*  Power take-off (PTO), 

*  Electricity, 

*  Farm machinery and vehicle traffic,

*  Fires in farm buildings, 

*  Applications of organic fertilizer,

*  Excessive noise, dust, 

*  Vibrations, 

*  Extreme temperatures,

*  Ladders, 

*  Fuel storage, 

* Slurry tanks, etc.
They should be an accident and emergency procedures as well as contingency plans that deal with any identified risks in the working situation.
The farm infrastructure, facilities and equipment shall be constructed and maintained in such a way as to minimize health and safety hazards for the workers.
All workers, including subcontractors, should be trained to be able to  demonstrate competency in responsibilities and tasks through visual observation.
 There shall be evidence of instructions in the appropriate language and training records.
 Producers may conduct the health and safety training themselves if training instructions or other training materials are available.
 (i.e. it need not be an outside individual who conducts the training).
Our next class still on AF4 will be explaining more on 

* Training

* First Aid

* Workers welfare etc.
Please share with friends and stay tuned.

Remember we have a target for export certification

We will not relent
Yinka Adesola

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