Spirituality Does Not Mean Brain Suspension

Towards my final class in secondary school, we use to attend fellowship.
One day a story was told during the fellowship by a brother and it goes like this..
A brother was vehemently working for qqGod in his secondary days. 

He is a prayer warrior and very dedicated to God work.
He is always at every fellowship and programmes that glorifies God.
A day to his final paper or one of his qpapers, i cant actually remember that side, he and some other brothers went for some church programme and activities which took a very long time.
To cut the story short, he did not prepare well for the exam.
On the exam day, he got the question sheet but couldnt solve any of the questions so he scribbled something down.
As the first examiner to mark saw the paper. He started putting question mark at every point where the calculation is to be written.
Then passed it on to the second examiner to do the totalling.
The second examiner mistake the question mark to be figure 7. So he add up all the 7s to be 8 and multiply to get 56.
Thats how the brother passed that paper because he is serving God.
The story was a motivational one for us to expect miracle from God at the neglects of doing the right thing.
I think the brother that told us that story scored f9 back then.
Right then i never took the story hook and sink, but my brain was not functioning enough to ask the question i would have asked if it were to be now.
* First question would have been ” Who actually witnessed that process?
I mean passing the paper from first examiner to the second examiner?
Second question would have been 

“Did the holy spirit reveal that?

“And to whom?
Third which i later got to know is ” Its only one person that mark and grade WAEC questions?

Why is the brother own passing through 2 examiners
But like i said, my brain was too dormant to reason in that direction.
Same way people only move around with sleeping brains while the smart ones keep playing with their brains.
For i cant fathom how someone indocrinate into millions that 
“Money is a SEED to be sown”
Seeds toy farmers understanding is what you put into the soil, watered it, manured it and watch it grow.
I will always regret “sowing” an $100 sent to me one time while foolishly expecting some multiple returns miracles.
Hunger showed me pepper in the month that follow
Brain was still in formating mode then.
For those whose brain are in suspending mode, we can only keep praying for you to have brain formatting

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