On Fruits And Vegetable Export

I have always been obsessed with exports.
You wondered.
Because I want to rake in dollars..
I see a need that need to be filled to everyone’s benefit.
Outside there, they are not bless with the seasons that we have.
They have only small window gate to grow crops. As small as 120 days in some area.
Every other season is cold and only support few crop.
Here we have all it takes to grow all year round.

We have the land
What we lack is efficiently utilising what we have to rake in what we dont have.
My target is still export.

Fruits and vegetable export
And believe it or not. 

With you or not

I am pushing through.
I understand there is need for group.

Team work is required

And the team need to be in agreement with their production quality and packaging
I also realise the need for certification.

Without which the produce will not fly.
Two important thing here..
* Team work

* Quality certification
Hence I initiate the group page for GLOBAL GAP checklist which will lead the team to certification.
I believe knowing and applying the requirements on our farm will make it easy when we all now choose to produce for the market.
And then we can push the certification together.
Nigeria has about 180 million people.

The team need only 250  people 
250 people that are willing to comply with the requirements and standard.
250 people that are ready to follow through.
The checklist to meet standard is in 29 Sections
Currently we are on the 7th Section dissecting.
Its like joke like joke .
But we will surprise you.
The lectures, the explanation has all been free. Its right here on Facebook.
And then we will make you pay through your nose to be a member in future.
How can cargo plane be going back 90% empty from the giant of Africa while other countries are exporting?
I am targeting that dollar.

Plenty dollar self.

I am not losing focus.
Yinka Adesola

An organic advocate

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