Marketing Plan For Farmers

I think our produce markets has got a lot to do with quality. 
The farmers are complaining of no good market.
 The highbrow end user are complaining of low quality produce. 
I use highbrow because mile 12 market is not where the imported fruits and vegetables are sold. 
There are people, organisations that are willing to pay for quality.
Also consistence supply and continuity of the produce has been farmers challenge.
  The buyers need assurance that you will not disappoint them not to disappoint their own customers. 
How many of us farmers can give assurance of supplying plantain all through the year?
There are a lot of technical issues
My suggestion will be for all the commodity produce eg plantain work hand in hand, set a standard within and among themselves with good agricultural practices from planting to harvesting. 
If all plantain farmers produce the same quality, they can collectivelly negotiate for fixed standard price market. 
In my quest, i met some organizations that needs constant supply of fruits and vegetables.
 They need nothing less than 1000 farmers to be producing for them all year round
The reason is they wants produce of the same quality that could compete with international standard. 
The plantain produce in the east or north or west could be of the same quality if we all use ..
* the same seed, 

* same technical methods of production, 

* same harvesting method, 

* same means of storage and packaging.
The only difference will be in the traceability code to identify whose farm a particular batch is coming from.
But can we ever be united and be professional in our dealings?

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