Organizing The Work

The production of fresh fruits and vegetables requires organizing the work.

The following gives the step hypothetically
1. Prepare the crops
a. Select the land
b. Work the soil
c. Sow and plant

2. Cultivate
a. Weed
b. Fertilize
c. Irrigate
d. Prune
3. Carry out plant protection treatments
a. Observe
b. Dose
c. Treat

4. Harvest
a. Observe
b. Harvest
c. Place in the shade
d. Weigh

5. Transport
a. Transfer to the packing station

6. Wash, clean the produce
a. Remove debris
b. Mud

7. Sort, Size, disinfect
a. Sort
b. Eliminate culls
c. Treat

8. Package, label
a. Box
b. Label
c. Weigh

9. Palletize
a. Arrange the boxes
b. Label
c. Weigh

10. Store
a. Maintain
b. Monitor

11. Ship
a. Transport

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