Pay Day

Hi Jethro, I like the idea but the maths is a little bit confusing to me.
 If we assume that an acre yields 30 tons, and 50kg basket is sold for N20k..

Shouldn’t the projected revenue = 
(30,000kg/50kg)baskets * N20k/basket = 600 baskets * 20k = N 12 million??
My response
That is usually the calculation that make so many people rush into tomato farming. I inclusive.
There are lot of unpredictable factors in the farm to put into consideration. 
*  The yield could be more than 30tonnes and the yield  also could be less than 0 tonnes.
*  The incidence of pest like tuta absoluta few years back.
*  The intensity of the sun from climate change interference which we are currently battling
* Human interference like herdsmen trampling and destroying the crop.
*  The effect of diseases such as nematodes that can destroy tomato farm withing the twinkle of an eye.
 And so many other unpredictable situation play a big role in determining yield.
 Irrigation will take care of water aspect.
You should also look at the months where the tomatoes will be supplus in the market.
Its generally observed that the month of September through March is the gluts for tomatoes.
The same basket of 50kg come as low as N3,000 – N1,000
N3,000 or N1,000 by 20 or 30tonnes is another figure to consider from an acre

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