Smart Nigerian Politicians

I had wanted so much to effect a lot of changes in our system.
But I realise there is nothing one can do in a corrupt system like ours without money.




Let me explain.

Visit the village side and see poverty.
Hunger at the highest level.

These people can produce crops to feed 3 countries at a time if the right equipments and trainings are provided.
But because Nigerians are still in the era of how and cutlass for cultivation hence they barely produce what they can feed the family with and little to exchange in the market.
So its not surprising that when politicians come with N50,000 for 100 people to share, votes get exchange.
The good ones make it N500 and they can lay their life for them.
To top it all they share manual sprayers and pumping machine. 
The votes are gone.
But let’s imagine there are farm machineries and equipment for farmer to use.
Plenty food will be produce that fetch them more money.
How then will they get carried away with even N20,000?
The politicians are smart.
So they keep the populace in perpetual poverty. 

So they can keep giving them crumbs in exchange for vote

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