Starting An Agricultural Revolution

Someone wrote :
l believe when the crowding option where farmers of similar produce aggregate their harvest (same quality across board) as an entity they can negotiate a good price.
Here in Kenya, diary farmers are in cooperatives which negotiates the prices of their milk with milk processing plants. 
There are some cooperatives that collectively aggregates 40,000 litres of milk before 6.30a.m every morning which milk processing plants come and pick up at  a designated centre.
And by the evening they come pick another 15,000 litres. 
The milk processing companies buy from them for between N65-N80 per litre, then we the final consumer get it at the milk dispensing machine for N130.
Consistency and quality is the keyword.
My response ….

From the above..
1. Continuity and consistence supply of produce to companies requires having a network of farmers that are planting the same crops be it fruits, vegetable or grains.
2. Quality and standard means adhering and using same products, seeds method and all good agricultural practice.
First step step
We need practical farmers.
What we currently have is lot of internet, paper and political farmers.
 For this project to take off, we need real practical farmers that are willing to get their hands dirty. 
They need to be willing and ready to get trained.

Sacrifice the luxury if the city to be in the village for some time.

Imagining having 200 farmers that have an acre or 2 acre each.
And all undergo the same system of planting the same crop and following the same procedures.
The products will be the same all through.

2nd step

All participating farmers must adhere strictly to the group rules and regulations.

**** 3rd Step

Packaging and creating a niche will make the products readily accepted. 
We need to create a brand.
Its never going to be an easy step forward, but its a step some of us are willing to take and sacrifice for.
Yinka Adesola.
Want to participate?

Please join us by November 6th.

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