Emergency Agribusiness Opportunists

The current crop of agribusiness entrepreneurs !!! 
I have been seeing this new crop of Agribusiness entrepreneur in SADC and its time we open up and stop this day madness and get -rich fast – approach. 
Where am i driving at ?.  
You will come a cross an advert in the social media or printed media like this :- 
700 Tonnes of potatoes or Garlic or onion wanted tomorrow by X supermarket or Mr Q in Lusaka or Harare or Lilongwe then call me at ……..
To me this is a mockery to the farmers.
If the person / supermarket faithfully and planing as a business that they will need that quantity in December why not organise farmers from June ?. 
Why can’t supermarket X identify growers help them with inputs even at 50%?.
 December they buy from them .
Farming is also a businesses you have to grow a crop with a market plan . 
Its time this people revisit there business way of doing and stop doing the opportunistic business or tycoon type of business .
 Yes if they mean it why not make an agreement with our farmers ?
I stand to be corrected team 
Have a good farming seasons
Lovemore Nyakazela

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