Becoming A Billionaire Through E Book

Good day.
pls I want experienced exporters and anybody that know much about exportation business to help me shed light on this.
Those people selling e-books always say if you buy their e-book, you can start exporting Agro products like bitter cola, ginger, cocoa powder and some others with as little as #20000 –  #35000. 
Pls can someone do the business without having millions? 
The reason why I’m asking this question is that, i want to do the business but I don’t have millions. 
Thanks very much. waiting to hear from you asap.
My response…
My people and I quote 

“Eni ba ma ra aso funni, ti orun e la ko wo”

Leadership by example
The writers are merely selling book.
 Most of the information there are copied from the internet. 
If its that simple they would have been exporting rather than selling the e book.
Only in Nigeria will a man at the bus station be selling  books to passenger titled ..

” How to become a millionaire ” 
You wonder why he did not use the recipes in the book he is selling
Yinka Adesola

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