Making Money From Processing Gari

I read a lot of post that says one can make a lot of money by processing cassava into garri.
I completely disagree with this.
After farming, the second major business in the rural area is gari making.
Every nook and corner of the village one see the women frying gari all season.
Why are they not millionaires yet?
* Because they did not grow it..

You might be thinking
*Because they sell in the village…

Anther angle
* Because they are not smart..

You did well too
My first foray to Ago Amodu was a partnership to process cassava to gari.
I am to process while my partner export.
We even did a 3 year projection plan of expenses and expectation.
——“Labourers could and will mess you up”

What of mechanisation?

Ensure you factor in the expenses from before you sow the plant so you want have to be running around at harvest.
——“Water supply could just seize”

We will dig a borehole.

Will require generator to power that
The last time i was at IITA to make enquiries about the gari fryer, one of their staff said and i quote:
“One will be very fortunate to get a gari fryer that will produce the same quality as the manual frying”
 And right there at IITA  is a manual frying section beside the displayed machineries.
Someone recently called and in our discussion he mentioned someone selling one of the machine for 45 million. 
I can’t really remember  whether the fryer or which other part.
——-Marketing of garri is another issue on its own.
* “What are you offering that is not in existence”?

Possibly you add packaging.

Instead of our normal buying off the shelf.

Sure extra cost
* “Who are your target market”?

Open market expect cheap produce.

Obviously your package gari is not going to mile 12 stall nor general market.
Hope you factor in feasibility study?
*  “How do you intend to displace the existing sellers”?
*  “Have you factor in your transportation cost”?
*  “Are you renting a shop to sell or you will get distributors/marketers”?
*  “Storage facilities or no arrangement for that”
Yes, you will make lot of money from processing cassava into garri. 
It depends on how much work you are willing to put in to achieving that.
Nothing comes easy.
Most write up online make one feels you automatically becomes rich when you process cassava into garri
They also forget that gari processing needs planning and money to execute.
Not something you get into to save the emergency need of market for the cassava you plant.
Yinka Adesola

An organic farmer writes

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