Sheabutter From Saki

On Sheabutter delivery to different locations..
For as many people that has made payment except one, every other has been delivered or sent.
Now I understand why there are so many diluted sheabutter in the market..
Original might be expensive.

Sheabutter has weight
Its never been easy due to transport cost and others. 
Sending small quantity is quite expensive. 
I learnt the bigger the size, the lower the charges for transport.
Best bet is to send in large quantity and everyone can pick at the nearest location to them
Some sisters seeing my dilemma and stress has volunteered  their place as collection points  at different locations.

Sincerely I am awed and grateful.
 We have beautiful soul in Nigeria.
I am blessed

Thank you mas.
Once the next production is ready and delivered to the various locations is when I will give their contact no out for pick up.
Please when making payment to my account please indicate sheabutter.
I will keep improving to serve you better.
Thank you for your patronage

I appreciate you
Yinka Adesola

Ago Amodu,

Saki East LGA of Oyo State

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