The Unfriendly Me

The Unfriendly Me
I am not a friendly person. 
Yes. I am not. 
I don’t keep friend.

 I don’t visit friend. 
My best friends are my secondary school mate whom we have not seen in years despite that I passed their vicinity almost on daily basis.

I live in my own cocoon.
I would rather pay to stay in hotel than barging on your door for accommodation because I see it as inconvenience.
I love the quiet times to reminiscence 
I work well with people if its on my interest.

I will put in my best to see the work succeed
I am very friendly at work hours. 

A minute after then, don’t even bother about me.
 I don’t pretend about liking what you say or wrote to please you.

I am that straight forward.
I am not the type you call everyday to ask how you do.

It easily get on my nerves.
I respond to messages better. Email, whatsapp, SMS etc.

But don’t expect me to stay chatting with you online. 
Yes. I will respond to your questions, concern at my own convenience.
Meeting me online does not mean I am less busy or that I will respond to you. 
I don’t have time for small talks. I valued business discussion. 

I may be friendly today and tomorrow I become saucy.

It means give me my space. 
Do I think that make me a bad person?
Off course no.
Its just to let you know how much I valued my own company.
How much I love to be left alone
“But you are always online?
Off course yes.

I am online at my own convenience.

I respond to whatever I choose to.

Whatever caught my fancy.

I am still in my space

I dictate my space

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