Why Nigeria Will Not Be Food Subsistence In The Next 10 Years

Why Nigeria will not be food subsistence in the next 10 years
No matter the whooping zillions the governments are supposedly expending on Agriculture, we still have a long way to go in having food for all.
80% of the food crop are produced by the rural farmers leaving only 10% production to the Executive farmers while the remaining 10% goes to paper and online farmers.
The 80% farmers having an acre each of production out put can not be compared with the 10% executive farmers that has 20 acre each.
The government resources, loan, grants and whatever always stop at the executive and paper farmers table.
Please note that paper farmers has no physical  farm. But they have well packaged farm proposals that could easily fetch them funds which are eventually diverted to other businesses.
And every year the rural farmers production reduced because he has no technical know how to tackle the effects of climate change such as 

Pest and diseases

Improved seed

Soil management

Farm equipments etc.

I remember none of the farmers in my place could pick up the fertilizers that was been sold at subsidised rate during the GES programme.
Yes. They can not afford it.

 Yet all was claimed to be distributed
And  daily we see the minister of agric displaying on tractors portraying food production. 

Off course on the executive farms.
Nigeria of almost N160 million people surely need a lot of food supply and which can only be met if the rural farmers are empowered to increase production.
Until then we are all in for a long thing. For me and my crew we will be glad to sell for you.
Make sure you book ahead

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