Global GAP Certification

On Global GAP certification and fruits/ vegetable exports…..
I first heard of Global GAP about 3 years ago, precisely 2014 during the COLEACP training.
Global GAP certification is the standard recommended all over the world for fruits and vegetable exports.
I was so scared the first time i saw the requirements and standard to be met that i concluded it will take ages for Nigeria to exports.

3 years after, there is still no Nigeria fruit and vegetable producer that has met the Global GAP certification standard.
All these years i have been silently praying that one rich investor will take up the challenge and invest on getting the certification so fruits and vegetable farmers can key in to benefit and it will be some great win win situation.
Early this year, i got a request to be supplying okro of 20 tons per month to be backed with Global Gap certification.
So many times we have had the offered of potatoe, ginger, rodo, egg plant etc. All to be backed with Global GAP certificate.
After some phone discussion with a senior friend tonight, it clicked in my brain that we could keep waiting for ages if we are hoping on a rich investor.
Sure so many of us watch the Ghana video from BBC..
Ghana rakes in $10million from fresh fruits and vegetable export alone. They are looking at increasing to $40million if not for the ban and they are already working on that.
And it occurs to me we could use the power of network to scale through the hurdle of Global GAP certification.
I understand a group can get just a certificate provided all the members get trained and use the same method of production and takes good care of traceability.
I am looking at creating a facebook group page for intending and interested people to come together so we see how to move forward.
The page will be strictly Global GAP Fruits and Vegetables. 
I am positive we can pull this together.

On the page we will be discussing step by step issues that we need to get a group certificate.
We will start from the market.

Crops that in high demand for export

Quality and quantity supply
We will be looking at how to surmount the Global GAP insurmountable that has debarred everyone from exporting fresh fruits and vegetables from Nigeria.
Its obvious i and my team can not do this alone. We need each other to pull this true.
Some group in Ghana has 250 members scattered all around but growing the same thing for export markets
Looking forward to having like minds in the group.
Thank you
Attached is the Ghana Video for those that have not seen it

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