Small Is Profitable

When we are talking about commercial vegetable growing, most people are skeptical of a profitable small farm.
It is generally belief that until one has a very big farm before he can bring something reasonably out.
Having a small well portioned farm means one can section the growing of the vegetables to supply all year round.
Supplying all year round means one will sell both in gluts and at peak period while the sale of the peak period will pay for the glut loss.
A seasoned everyday small time farmer will be able to guide against massive loss in the glut for he only grow in small quantity.

Jean Martin Fortier has been able to demonstrate how a well established  small farm of 1.5 acres with good sales outlets can bring in $60,000-$100,000 per acre.
Converting that to Nigerian Naira at N300 per dollar will equal to making N30,000,000 per annum.
And to think they only work for 9 months in the year while the rest months are for family holidays….
But its not in Nigeria…..
Thats your thought.
Exactly my thought too before i become obsessed with the book “Market Gardner”
The first question everyone has been asking me is 

“Is growing small profitable”?
Reading through the book everyday gives me more conviction that its highly possible to attain such even in Nigeria
Its surprising that most of the vegetables grown by the market gardener in the cold Canada climate are so much in tune with our warm if not extremely hot Africa climate 
This is a motivating factor to push us through to success in proving that ” small is profitable”

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