Tomato Gold: Extract From My Nairaland Post

I learnt of the “Tomato Gold” from a colleague about 2 years ago.

And ever since I have been working on hitting the jackpot.

You can check my other write ups on Nairaland.
We all know tomato is the current Nigerian Gold.

” Why have you not hit the so called Jackpot??
People that knows me keep wondering.

Even I wonder myself.

” The same thing that prevents other tomato farmers from reaching Gold Spot since!!!!!!

‘ All you keep saying is agriculture is good, its the way, its that and we are yet to see the result’


Each time you think you are so near and its just some seconds then boooom and something will surely sprut up to distrupt you from making the billions.

You can call this ” My lamentations”

And then it dawn on me that 

” To succeed in every business venture, one needs to learn the rope”

Yes. You need to get some basic understanding. If possible proceed to the secondary class.

….I remembered years ago when my cousin once told me she wants to register and learn how to sell children wears…

That’s ridiculous.
I said. In my ignorance.

“Is it not just to go to market??
buy the wears??
check your cost price??
fix your selling price??

And sells?.

” And I also used to wonder why an intended spare part seller will stay with “Oga” to learn for good 5 years”

Notice the word “Used”

Now I know better.

I went into Agric with the same mentality.
Having the believe that “You will surely succeed in any business if you have the finance”

But I learnt Funds is not the utmost.
” Knowledge is Power”

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