Organic Vegetable Price List from January 2018 – Dec 2018

1 Broccoli.           500g       N1,200
2 Cauliflower      500g       N1,200

3 Tomatoes.         500g        N500

4 Lettuce          (bunch)      N500

5 Carrots               500g.      N500

6 Celery.               500g.       N500

7 corn.                 4 cobs.     N500

8 Sweet Corn      3 cobs      N500

9 Cucumber.          500g.     N400

10 Eggplant            500g.    N600

11Green beans      500g     N500

12. Green pepper. 500g.    N650

13 Cabbage            500g.    N 500

14 Kale           Bunch.           N500

15 Onion                 500g.      N500

16 Ginger fresh        500g     N500

17Yellow bell pepper 500g N1400

18Sweet potatoes       500g   N250

19 Rodo.                      500g.   N500

20 Coriander fresh.   bunch N1400

21 Mint   fresh           bunch N800

22 parsley                   bunch N350

1. The above price is constant from January 2018 – December 2018.
2. Delivery day is every Saturday 

Except otherwise stated
3. Minimum purchase for delivery is N6,000
4. Direct delivery to 10 subscribers in same area/location
Discounts Applied
Upfront payments/subscription have discount as follows.
A week upfront payment subscription 

 3% discount
4 weeks upfront payment subscription

 5% discount 
12 weeks upfront payment subscription 

10% discount
26 weeks upward payment subscription 

15% discount
Yearly upward subscription  payment

25% discount

WhatsApp is Organic veggy subscription

To subscribe, book or add to group..

Contact ..

Tolulope.  on 08061633193

Alfa           on 07089815690

Yinka       on 08064688501
Thank you 

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