Organic Way Of Healthy Living

Lives are been transformed by the power of organic food due to the beneficial effects of eating organic.
Our farm is currently can only serve 50 families out of the 180 million population
But how do we extend? 
To scale our program – and to provide more families with affordable, organic food – we need to train more organic farmers.
Our farm want to serves larger goals.
1. To help family get access to affordable organic food all year round.
2.  To train future organic farmers.
Every year, Farmvilla  mentors more than 100 future organic farmers in a 3 -month intensive training program.
*  From seed to harvest…

* To open their own organic vegetable in communities
* To access markets for organic fruits and vegetables
* To understand that small is profitable
There are definitely benefits in going organic in – soil quality, 

– air quality, 

– healthier foods 

– healthier environment
Help us continue this ripple effect.

 Help us train new farmers who can provide fresh, affordable, organic food in communities.
Help us spread the news

Share our page

Preach organic

Join us for the next class by January 8th 2018
Thank you for your support













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