Most people have been severally burnt. When we say burnt we meant billions of naira has been lost in the process of investing in Agriculture.

This has made some to vowed to never touch that terrain again because of these experiences.
But here is the deal. You can sure succeed in agriculture/ agribusiness if you will take to simple system of agribusiness investment.
Partner ke?

In what form?
Let’s do some simple calculations.

Assuming you plan to cultivate 10 acres of tomato’s farm.
You need labourers

You need farm manager
How many labourer do you think will be sufficient?

2, 3, 5 and 10.
To successfully manage the farm.

You will be required to station a laborer to an acre.

Yes. Don’t forget I said to successfully manage the farm.
But in real sense and in real life. Your first option I can bet is 2 or 3 labourers and possibly 1 farm manager.

* That’s what you think will be sufficient

*To maximise your profit
And the system will be to be running from one the end of the farm to another so as to catch up with the farm management work.
Sufficient time will not be available to take care of all the portions. Some side will be neglected 
And the result will be that you can barely harvest an acre worth of tomato from the 10 acre farm.

That’s what has been happening.
Despite the millions that would have gone down the drain.

And whether you make profit or not, the labourers get their pay, the farm manager get his paycheck too.
So the investor make the big loss

You plan to cultivate  10acres of tomato. 

You got  10 youth that has been trained on vegetable cultivation.
You sign an agreement with them.

You supplied all the materials while they manage an acre each of the farm.
By harvest you share the proceeds from the farm.
In this deal. No salary payment

No farm manager

You are all share holders.

Every one fulfil their own part of the deal
The advantage here. Everyone is involve

We both share risk

We both share gain

There will be commitment on both part.
There will also be competition to succeed

And everyone benefit at the end
And the network can increase. Partners can introduce more partners while the main partner keep refunding.
Think about it

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