Exporting RedChillies To Europe




$1= N480

Imported from Zimbabwe to Europe
So I stole the picture from a conversation on sis Funmi Adewola page
A standard acre of pepper with 30cm drip spacing will have 12,000 plants..
*By the way, you dont have to grow one acre at a time.
I do recommend one grow what he can successively manage in batches.
Thats what we do at our end
It will sure be more if you are using the market Gardner system that maximise the whole space.
Each plants under “Good Agricultural Practise” GAP.
Please note that GAP is highly essential.
GAP entails every management of the crops from soil location, preparation, manuring etc through to harvesting, transportation and marketing till you have the dough in your hand.
It entails a lot.

So its advisable to do the farm one after the other
Back to class
Each pepper stand will give you nothing less than a kg of fruits.
By layman calculation, you will be having 12 tonnes of pepper from an acre..
Just like that….?
Yes just like that.
With series of work and intensive care
From the illustrated picture…

60g bought for N480
Therefore 1g  will be N480/60g = N 80

100g =  N80 x 100  =  N800

1kg = 100g in 10 places

1kg = 100g x 10

1kg = 1000 x 80

=   N80,000
N80,000 for 1kg of red chilli
Sure thats the calculation covering all value chain in the system eg
* Farmer

* storage

* transport from farm

* cold store

* exporter

* air freight

* labelling

* packaging

* Regulatory system etc
Lets assume we have 10 different steps in the value chain from Farmer – Final consumer.
So every one has 10% of the process sales.
10% of 80,000
For a farmer that grow 1/4 acre with yield of 3 tonnes will be having
Sale will be N8,000 per kg
3 tonnes is 3,000kg
1/4 acre farm will be N8,000 x 3,000kg
Thats outrageous..
So let me re calculate.
If the farmer have 5% of final sale

N4,000 x 3,000kg

N12, 000, 000
Or @ 2% to farmers
N2,000 x 3,000kg

The calculation is based on export 
Then i keep wondering while government, private individuals will not take time to invest in farmers group.
Invest in trainings


Constant water source

Packaging and pack house

Farm equipments and tools

Walking tractor



Transplanter etc

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