Whats GMO?

#GMO means Genetically Modified Organism

 GMOs are engineered, tampered with the genetic composition to make food crops resistant to herbicides and/or to produce an #insecticide. 
If the ingredients on a package include corn syrup or soy lecithin, chances are it contains GMOs.
*       GMOs and #pesticides
The use of #toxic #herbicides like #Roundup (glyphosate) has increased 15 times since GMOs were introduced. 
While the #World_Health_Organization announced that #glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans,” there is still some controversy over the level of health risks posed by the use of pesticides.
****** Are GMOs safe?
While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the biotech companies that engineer GMOs insist they are safe.
 Many food safety advocates point out that no long term studies have ever been conducted to confirm the safety of GMO use.
Some animal studies have indicated that consuming GMOs may cause …

*   internal organ damage, 

*   slowed brain growth, and 

*   thickening of the digestive tract.
GMOs have been linked to increased food allergens and gastro-intestinal problems in humans.
 While many people think that altering the DNA of a plant or animal can increase the risk of cancer, the research has so far proven inconclusive.

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