The Abracadabra Farming System

So many people are aware of the upcoming tomato peak period
Likewise so many people are seriously rushing to start one farm or the other to take advantage of the peak period
Projector agribusiness farmers always take advantage of the imaginary paper calculation to make people part with their hard earned fund
Someone specifically call me to say he doesn’t have interest in being a farmer but just want to take advantage of the tomato peak.
I have bought the best seed.

I am using the rural farmers

I am targeting 10 acres
“Just paraphrasing some of his words”
Do you want me to tell you the truth? I asked

He said yes

Frankly? I emphasis
“You cant make it”
I didn’t see his facial reaction but I know he didn’t believe me.
And off course he is sure going ahead.

And I can bet it 1000% he will not bring anything out
“What if I pay you to consult for me? He said
” I will pay anything you want

” I will do this .

” I will do that..
But my answer is no
I can smell the failure from afar

I can smell the desperation of thinking farming is a jackpot.
The same desperation I smell is what the workers, the rural farmers will also sense to take advantage of him
He will over spend and yet they will keep frustrating him.
And sure he knows nothing

He can not even lift a finger to help himself other than keep spending money.
And everyone in the chain will take advantage of him.
And by the following year, he will now start learning that is if he still have the fund to play with.
Same goes for a someone that refuse to get another farm manager because the first farm manager disappear
I have tried to make her see reason why she need a good hand on ground but I think she is “penny wise pound foolish”
She request for someone to come in once a week to put her boy through
She has been sending me questions through mails and SMS which I have been attending to because its one of my boys that I gave her that abandoned her farm
She called again today to say I did not reply her last mail..
And I asked..

“Did you pay me consultation fee?
She said no.
Great I said.

I have been attending to your needs because I gave you the boy that messed up.
I would advise you get someone that has practical knowledge to be on your farm.
It doesn’t have to be from me. I said
She insist she need someone that comes to the farm once a week.
I wish her luck.

Its her farm

Its her money 
I have once pledged my all into consulting for some one  asking for no pay until after the successive completion because I was so sure I have the skills.
Sure I have the skills but I can’t be there 24/7
If the human resource team I bet the project with had not mess me up, I am sure the project owner management frustration is another angle I never bargained for.
Farming is like every profession.

Its full time work.

It can be done part time
A word they say is enough for the wise
Yes I do put up great articles.

But remember I always warned that intending farmer get prior practical experience.
My 4th year in the farm.

Gradually setting the space
We have been changing from one practises to another before arriving at a stable and profitable one.
Its not yet all rosy

But sure looking great
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance


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