Tomato Peak And Gluts

Passing through Shasha market today, the major tomatoe depot in Ibadan.
Along the road are petrol 
tankers waiting to discharge tomatoes
This is the cheapest means by which tomatoes are sent to market.
The market is filled up with tomatoes so the tanker has to wait until space are created for them to offload.
Currently tomatoe is at a give away price in the market.
This will persist until April when we hit the peak period.
I have written severally on why and how the gluts and peak period are created every year.
Its a predictable trend that will keep on for as long as we don’t change our growing system and approach to agriculture
Currently a 50-70kg basket sells for about N3,000 in the Northern market and N5,000- N6,000 in the South West market
The same basket will still go for N500 in the Northern market and N2,500 in the South West
And then by the month of  April when the peak set in the same 50-70kg basket will sell for N20,000-N30,000 in the Northern market and sell for between N40,000-N50,000 in the South West market.
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