​On Climate Smart Agriculture

Some elderly farmer were discussing how big yam tubers use to be in those days compared to the current harvest.
An elderly tomato farmer said the harvest of tomato from a plot of land is enough to make one rich by then.
But nowadays the story are quite different. 
The more land one cultivate, the less the yield from the same plot of land..
And everyone keep wondering what could be happening to cause such decrease in food crops harvest.
Climate change…
Whats climate
*  Climate is the statistics of weather over long periods of time.
*   Weather is the day to day conditions of the factors involved
 Climate differs from weather, in that weather only describes the short-term conditions of these variables in a given region.
The variables are ..
1.  Temperature, 

2.  Humidity

3.  Atmospheric pressure

4.  Wind

5.  Precipitation/Rainfall

6.  Atmospheric particle count and other meteorological variables
Climate change…..
 Is when the average long-term weather patterns of a region are altered for an extended period of time, typically decades or longer.
*  Shifts in wind patterns

*   The average temperature or 

*   The amount of precipitation.
 These changes can affect one region, many regions or the whole planet 
*   What are the causes of climate change?
A)  Some are natural sources

 –  Volcanic eruptions

–   Variations in Earth’s orbit or

–   Changes in the sun’s intensity.
B).   Man made or Human sources

–   Greenhouse gas emissions

–   Deforestation 

–    Land use changes.

–   Burning of fossil fuels

–   Industrial production
 How farmers are affected by climate change
Climate change can….
*   Disrupt food availability

*   Reduce access to food

*    Affect food quality. 
For example, projected increases in..

 A)  Temperatures

 B)   Changes in precipitation patterns

 C)   Changes in extreme weather events 

 D)    Reductions in water availability
All result in reduced agricultural productivity

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