Vegetables As Low Carb Diet

#Vegetables are an essential part of a #healthy #low-carb diet.
Low carb means low in carbohydrates
Make sure to be careful when eating vegetables as their carb counts do add up quickly.
You should aim to limit your carbohydrates intake per day to be below 30g 
Best type of vegetables for a #ketogenic diet are both high in nutrients and low in #carbohydrates.
 As most of you can guess, these are dark and leafy. 
Anything that resembles #spinach or #kale will fall into this category and will be the best vegetable to include into dishes/meals.
If you’re looking for low-carb vegetables that aren’t #leafy_greens, think about the ones that grow above ground mostly from the #cruciferous family. 
These include …

* Broccoli

* Cauliflower

* Zucchini

* Lettuce

* Cucumbers, and more. 
Many people choose to eat salads as a way to get their greens in for the day. 
#Salads are super quick to make, and you can put al
most anything in them.

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