Mobility To And From The Farm

The last time I discussed the issue of land and water source as very vital to cost of setting up a farm.
Let me quickly chip in another one here.
* Mobility
Don’t even dare start a farm if you don’t have means of moving around..
It could be a car, a truck, motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle or whatever
“What if I am staying on the farm”?

You must be thinking…
Even at that.
Anything can happen while staying on the farm. 

There might be an emergency
” Stop saying God Forbid as I know millions will say”
To be forewarned is to be forearmed
And then if you are not staying on the farm.

So many hours are wasted on the road waiting for transport.
And to think you are doing vegetables.
Your nursery beds require wetting every morning before sunrise and every evening before sunset.
Sunset varies from place to places and from season to season.
Sunrise mostly falls in between 6am – 7am.

While sunset starts from 5pm down ward in most cases.
The above means you have to be on the farm as early as possible, possibly have some break in the afternoon while you get back to farm as soon as the sun is setting.
You can’t do neither of this if you don’t have your own means of moving around.
I can also bet with you that not less than 3 times out of the week you will have something you want to move to the farm from the house.
Either you bought some materials or you need to fix some work, your farm Benz will be to your rescue
Most people don’t ever put this in their budget especially the intending new farmers coming from the city

Hardly would you see any farmer in the rural area without his motorcycle.
Being mobile encourage the farm supervisor, farm manager etc to have no excuse of not getting yo farm daily as its expected on a vegetable farm.
My post will be half baked if I don’t talk on…
  “Communication Network”



Ensure one of them is accessible on your farm. 
People are so fixated on starting a farm that they forget how important communication is.
Your farm should have one means or method of communication..
” But I already bought the land”?

“But its not my doing”?
Yes and sure I know..
Those and a more are what you need consider before purchasing the land..
In most cases its quite really hard for the farm not to have some breeze of any of the network.

Unless your farm is by the extreme interior end of the universe.
I think my write ups at this stage will benefit more of the starters than an existing farm.
Please add the above to your to do list of starting a farm

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