Organic / Natural is Health

“Organic”/ Natural is “health”
The first mistake people make about growing organic is that they think its about making money..

Organic is caring for the health of “human, animal and the environment in totality..
It requires growing sustainably and still preserving the environment for the unborn generation.
In our bid to do this, we also take care of our own health and we become conscious of our own environment.
Our forefathers was only growing crops to sustain their family and livestock
They rear livestock within the same environment which in turn supply the manure to grow the crop which the animals feed on.
The disruption to the environments and climate structure was minimal and they all work to complements each other.
The crops are rotated on the field in what we now called crop rotation.
Tubers are grown after legumes and then followed by the grains or cereal family.
The crop mixture and rotation help in reducing the incidence of pest and diseases.
Pest of one crop is beneficial to another crop.
All these they do without the need for external chemical assistance.
Mulching, which help in retaining of water is mainly use. 
Did we notice that the quantity of rainfall per annum has been gradually decreasing over time?
What happened?
Some farmer in my area will say..
 “God is angry with the world”
Sure some of us know that its called “climate change”?
And then the question comes again inform of ..

“what is climate change”?
Pardon the long epistle.
But without this, we might not easily be able to comprehend …

1. Where the word organic come from 
2. Why we need to go back to old system of growing crops

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