The Herdsmen/Farmers Clash.
Its become the norm and ritual.
Dry season is always the worst period. 
The grasses are dried up.

The herdsmen must feed their cows.

They refuse to grow grasses for them

Hence resort to feeding them with the farmers crop.
Farmers strive to till the soil in rainy season.

Farmers buy stem to grow cassava, yam and various type of crop
With the intent to feed the family and exchange the excess in return for cash.
But here comes the herdsmen, herding their cow with no provision to feed them.
The cows are to be sold in exchange for funds
And the herdsmen graze his cow on the farmers crop while the farmers is away from the farm
The dating one graze the crop even in farmers presence.
The farmer dare not voice out.
For the herdsmen are armed with guns and cutlass.
And well trained in combat to kill.
If the farmer manages to overpower the herdsmen and hand them over to the police.
They are released with no compensation to the farmer.
Who mourns his lost crop.

And hunger approaching the family.
Just as soon as he is recovering..

Another set of herdsmen pass by again
Another set of destruction 

To be followed by another

And another attack
One after the other 

With no end in sight
The herdsmen kill with impunity 

In their movement from place to place

Causing massive destruction along
Yet the society is silent

Every one is mmmmm
Its not my town

Its not my relative

I dont have a farm
Its nine of my business
But my people say 

” Bi ara ile eni ba nje kokoro buruku,
 “If your neighbour is eating poison” 
and we kept quiet…

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