Shea Butter

Shea butter  is made  from #Shea_tree seed called #Shea-nuts.
 It is mostly found in some belts of #Africa.
 Shea Butter is produced manually by freezing press method.
Benefit of Using Shea Butter
*   Its has an amazing healing property.
 *  Shea butter cleansed with different vitamins such as A, E, and F.
* It protects from the skin from sun burned.
* It clears facial lines and wrinkles
*  It soften the rough and crack skin. 
*  It soften and straightening dry hairs.
* It clears spot from insect bites, bed bug bites, allergies etc
* It cures cough , catarrh and cold.
* It clears the nostrils 
* its used for massaging and strengthening of strains
 * Its recommended for smoothing babies skin
*  It has various anti-inflammatory characteristics, which make it helpful in curing arthritis disease.

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