Practise On A Very Small Scale

Practice !  practice !!  practise !!!
Practise on a very small scale

practice the exact crops you want to plant
Understand the techniques and use the sample produce to source for market.
Research on what the markets demand.
Don’t plant because someone gave you an over bloated figures.
Acquire intensive practical knowledge in what crop you want to invest your fund.
Make friends with practicing farmers and visit the farm to see the structures and settings.
Presence of water alone does not make irrigation.
There are a lot entails.
Get to understand the farm workings.
Then you can venture into vegetables.
Vegetables are short term produce.
But they need 24hrs monitoring and maintenance.
More hands are needed in the farm
More money is spent to make large money from it.
Its worth the effort but not as simple as it seems.
I intensify my shouting because so many people are rushing into the farm with the aim of turning dry season billionaire.
How do I know?
The no of calls I receive daily has increased.
Its either they are looking for seed sellers which I eagerly give the no…
Or some are asking technical questions like ..
* How many time do I wet in a day?
* please which is the best seed to plant?
* Can I plant cucumber now ? Etc
I have been there and get burnt.
My response has always been ” please get some practical knowledge”
But I know they will not listen.

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