Getting Real With The Farm

On the IITA postulations..

Taking cassava for instance, IITA claimed to have several species that yield 40 tonnes per hectare..
What they fail to tell farmers is that farmer need to follow all good agricultural practises to attain that.
They also hide from farmers that the research are done on a small space of land which they later use multiplication effects to assume the result
What are the good agricultural practises?
To attain the real yield claimed by farmers

* There must be good soil preparation for cassava.
* Great quantity of fertilizer application as at when appropriate in the right quantity
* Availability of water. That’s talking of irrigation for the cassava farm
* Adequate weeding and pest control at the appropriate time with appropriate measures
* Before we now get to the use of the acclaimed cassava stem for propagation.
* Another issue is method of propagation. Is it slanting, direct or angular?
Farmers are only told the yield of the stem with no proper enlightenments on the measure required.
Even the demonstration farms of IITA in rural communities are not well taken care of
The reports are most case fabricated and documented
Rural farmers are smart enough not to believe IITA postulations.
The ones mostly affected are the educated and intending farmers that read everything offline and take it in without experimenting.
We have seen cases where oncoming farmers see rural farmers as lazy and not technically knowledgeable when we tell them the real farm experience.
It only dawns on them when they must have spend so much and lose so much.
The culture of silence is another big do in Nigeria..
People silently bear their loss without sharing their experiences which can greatly warned others not to get into the same pit hole..
Quote me anywhere..
“Don’t dare plan your farm using IITA postulations and research achievement crop yield”
Its all paper work which has no relevant to the real farm practises.









Are all factors that contribute to what your farm yield gives you..
Learn from a real practical farmer..

Take time to understudy a rural farmer
Forget the paper postulations

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