Job seeking versus job creation versus partnership
90% of our youth are seeking for job placement because they lack the attitude to work for themselves.
They would prefer to be placed on salary because its..
 “oga ta, oga kota” owo alaru ape.. 
Meaning its i dont care
Majoritu of the youth could hardly think for themselves.
They await the instruction ftom the boss or the CEO for every single activities.
Do you know the uneducated folks make use of their brain than the so called university graduates?
Lets consider the mechanic that repair your cars…
They have no reading manual for fixing the car. They take time to start searching and testing for what the cause might be.
Even though it might be guess work, they eventually discover the problem and fix it.
They get paid for using their initiatives which is as much as using their brain.
The mechanic knows if the car did not work, he is not getting paid.
And thats what he use to feed his family of 4, build house and possibly buy a car
Now lets get to some of us that has a graduates working with us.
You would be lucky to have the ones that dont wait for every instruction written down
The more reason most look for paid job..
Oga must sha paid.
Give Nigerian youth partnership offer in your business…
They will not last..
So if this guy did not sell i will not be paid will be their thought
And so they preferred roaming the street for 5years in search of job that is never existing.
Opportunity abounds in Nigeria due to our government inefficiency.
A graduates will prefer a N20,000 salary than building with you to earn a bigger pay as co partner in the future.
The immediate reward is what we expect.
Lets change our orientations.

The big companies was founded by someone else
Someone sacrifice to start the other companies that you and I are struggling to get a job with.
Have you wondered why the jobs are so scarce for you to find?
Because just like you, everyone choose not to sacrifice starting up a job again.
We are all looking for job instead of creating job.
Partnership works.
You have a land

I supply the material
4, 5 and more people can contribute resources together to build something.
Lets get creative.

We have the resources





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