Farm Manager/ Farm Supervisor Vacancy

On the Farm Manager/ Farm Supervisors job vacancy…  
So many wants to get to heaven without tasting death.
Time we learn to sacrifice..
Behind every successful entrepreneurs are several unrecorded failures..
The training we offer is minimum of 3 months to one year.
We have farm managers, farm supervisors.

During the training we equip you with what is required to start up a vegetable farm practically.
What we teach is quite different from what you can ever get from any of our higher institution. 
We put you through real life farming experience, challenges and how to surmount them.
Farming is interesting when one is dedicated.

Farming can only be profitable when you know the tricks..
I have heard excuses I count so silly..
How can you be roaming the street for more than a year yet you think 3 months – a year period is too much a sacrifice to create a better life for yourself..
How can you be unemployed and still be choosing states which you can afford to get trained for?
“Ohhh I think its in Ogun state…
“Oh I am a married man..
” Do you have a centre in Lagos?
” Oh its too far
You cant remain in your comfort zone and expect to make a difference..
You can’t keep doing the same thing yet expecting changes
You have attended several interviews across states..
Your CVs and resume are daily dumped with mama groundnut and puffpuf Sellers
For how long will you roam the street?

How long will you take peanuts from uncle and aunties

There is no miracle job anywhere..

The time to act is now
After the training you have the chance to either start your own farm with some technical supports from our team or we link you up with farm owners to manage or supervise a farm.
The choice is yours.




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