Want To Join Our Team?

So I have been thinking…..
Seriously thinking

How did other African countries coordinate their fruits and vegetables for export market?
How do they coordinate themselves into producing massively and the right quantity and quality
Take for instance, Ghana and Kenya.

How come they are exchanging so much produce for dollars why no organisation mor group of individuals has succeeded in Nigeria?
I remember someone telling me Nigeria should forget export cause we are yet to satisfy the require needs of our domestic market.
Look at the retail outlets like shoprite, spar and others.
High percentage of their vegetables are imported.
Our jobs are being exported out to other countries.
Do we blame them?

Off course no.
Tried as much as they struggle to reduce cost of production by sourcing from Nigerian farmers, none is meeting up the demand
Both in quality and quantity.
Our issue stem from lack of cooperation.
We find it hard working together to achieve the same goal.
Most of us are selfish so we keep struggling and battling with issues that could readily be solved by lifting each others up.
You see several people struggling to grow their farms in competition with other farmers..
Farmers come together in clusters to grow same quality of vegetables for organisation that needs them.
One borehole can serve 1 0farmers working together in the same environment than each digging 10 boreholes in different locations.
The fuel cost and maintenance will reduce for a group rather than for everyone setting up their own system individually.
Cold storage facilities can be acquired together as a group while the cost get shared.
Even the buyers prefer working with a group cause thats guarantee continuity
Like I have always said.
If you think you can sacrifice some few years to build your dreams…..
Join us on the farm so we could pull this together
This is the opportunity you have been waiting for
For more details 

Contact 08064688501


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