Cost Of Starting An Acre Of Farm

Someone ask …
Kindly, please what is the labour requirement for each operation (such as transplanting, weeding, trellising, and harvesting operations) for a one acre tomato field.

…..anyone with a programme and Man-days or man-hours for specific operations.
I told my team recently that if I give you an estimate of N100,000 to start a farm, please budget N300,000
It took several experiences on the farm to understand that farm activities are not static. 
It change per hour, per day, per minutes.
Called some set of labourers for transplanting, they charge you N10,000.
Promise to be on the farm tomorrow
Then they did not show up..

For they have promise several other farmers..
So the search for some other sets start again.

After days you got another..

And they insist on N25,000
Its too expensive

Its off my target
Meanwhile, your seedlings are getting overgrown in the nursery
Which will sure affect your yield
You are left with either paying to save some of your crop or keep in search while your seedling deteriorated
Farming calculations is not as simple as buying and selling.
The laborers determine your yield.

They determine how much you spend
So many cost are not static

They are not readily available in most areas.
For instance…

Labour cost for farm work is cheaper in the Northern part of the country compared to the southwest.
The Togolese and Beninoise that usually comes around to assist have stopped coming..
The only person that can accurately give the cost of an acre of tomatoes or any crop is the one that has all the simple machineries to do every of the minute work
Imagine we buy fuel @N220 per litre.

The price is not static.
We have bought @ N300

We once had @ N250
Which of the calculation will you use?
For people that have farmland close to big dams or river, they spend less on fuel for water compared to those that pump water from borehole..
Tilling the soil in my area is different from tilling the soil in someone else location. It varies from village to village
Thats why we always advice and suggest one visit the rural farmers in ones area to be able to have some ideas of what the expenses will be
Its some reasonable guide than some paper postulations.
I hope i did some little justice







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