Food Borne Diseases Outbreak

The news media keeps reporting about massive outbreaks of food-borne illness. 

Cabbage. Eggs. Fast food restaurants. Spinach. Melons. Peanut butter. 

The list goes on and on. 

The more our foods are produced by agribusiness people, the more such outbreaks happen..

Agribusiness is about making sharp sharp money.

Every source available is use to produce food not minding the possible danger it will cause to peoples health.

They forgot health is wealth

What the news media fails to report is that virtually every one of these outbreaks is a direct result of food production method

Animals are sick. 

No matter how much they’re vaccinated or drugged, they just get more sick.

 Factory farms are the primary source of drug-resistant infections. 

Infact, they were the first source. E. coli was not even considered an infectious bacterium until around 1983.

 It’s a necessary probiotic found in everyone’s gut. 

It’s necessary for digestion. The E. coli that causes deadly infections is a mutant

The best way to be safe from food-borne illness is to choose organic foods. 

The insane rush to sterilize our foods and farms simply makes us less healthy, and ultimately results in exposure to the worst food-borne illnesses that have ever existed.

Organic certificates does not guarantee what you eat in Africa.

The only way to be sure us to know your farmers.

Know what you eat.

Know the source of your food




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