Transplanting Vegetabled In Dry 

The most challenging period for a vegetable farmer is transplanting during dry season.
Transplanting is the process of moving the seedlings from the nursery to the permanent raised beds.
During rainy season, the weather is cool and transplanting can be done immediately after an heavy rain.
It could be morning, afternoon or evening period
But during dry season, the intensity of the sun increases which in most cases destroy the seedling when its get expose to it
To prevent loosing the seedlings, farmers deduce the method of moving the seedling by evening time.
Hence, transplanting is done when the sunset.
Meanwhile the sun choose to be setting late.
Transplanting day therefore involve leaving the house early in the morning for farm and getting back late in the evening.
Its always a tedious and stressful exercise for the team.
Transplanting by evening allow the plant have an easy adjustment into his new home.
It prevent the plant from experiencing what farmers call transplanting shock.
By morning, the plant would have stabilised itself.
The sunlight effect by the next day will be minimised on the plant..
And the farmer can eventually start counting days.
One of those stressful days happen to be today

Welcome to the farmers world



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