Getting High Yield From the Farm

The #corn that was imported by Olams into Nigeria toward the end of last year came at a very reduced cost than what we have in Nigeria.
Imagine a tonne was rumoured to be N40,000 per tonne while  Nigeria produce corn was going for nothing less than N70,000 per tonne.
At the rural end, we keep wondering how they could afford to sell at such low price
* Some of us conclude it was GMO.

Cause we learnt its the only one that gives bountiful yield for farmers to still make profit.
* At some point we assume the government subsidised it to assist farmers.
*Some speculates its because they have access to several machineries and inputs which help increase land mass and therefore yield
So many postulations…
Same thing applies to #rice.

The rice from every other countries coming into Nigeria is cheaper than what we produce in Nigeria.
Saw with the #chicken and #turkey
That’s why the smuggling route seem to be defiling all logic
*But what then do we do to produce crop and be able to sell as low as other countries are selling?
* What method are they using that is making their production yield as high to be able to sell less?
The point all boils down to our soil management..
The soil brings out what we input into the soil.
Using intensive method of crop production, an acre of land required 30 tonnes of composted and dried manure.
Please note that I use manure
The manure could be from poultry, cattle, goats, rabbits etc
Manure is the best method and form to keep the soil healthy.
Its like feeding the body to be healthy
*What if I use NPK fertilizer?

Someone must be thinking
NPK only feed the plant at the that moment.
“It feed the plant but destroy the soil.

NPK kills the microorganism and the organisms in the soil. 
These microbes are needed in building the soil.

When you add manure, they work on the manure to give you a better soil for a longer time.
NPK is a temporary solution to a long term problem
And then even at using NPK, it will only work for the crop when the right proportion is used for the specific crop.
And then we move to #plant_population per square meter
Most of our farmers here don’t even know the requirements of seed to plant on an acre.
All they know is that they plant an acre.
An acre with 10,000 plants stand will bring more yield  than an acre with 1,000 plants stand
To be continued ….

I need to run to farm



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