Improving The Farm Tools

Each time i am searching for simple tools online that could help in organic farming, i realise farmers in other country always fabricate tools to suit their purpose.
Going through India network, one will come across several fabricated tools that doesn’t involve someone bending down so much on the farm.
I discovered the world has left us behind in agriculture. 
We are still practising as our fathers have been practising in the last years.
Unfortunately during their time, the land is very fertile and bring forth abundant produce.
So little effort brings in bountiful harvest.
But as the land are continuously tilled years after years, it lose its fertility in the process meanwhile we are still expecting bountiful harvest on the depleted soil.
The only farm equipments we have in Nigeria is Tractor and tractor coupled implements.
Every other activities is the back bending back breaking tilling of the soil.
No wonder the youth completely abandoned the farm.
Its amazing when one come across farm equipment that are not cutlass and hoes.
Hoes and cutlass are getting abandoned for the museum in most countries.
Agriculture is bae

Its the future of Africa

Thats if Africa choose to invest in modern techniques.
Foreigners come in with modern equipment and start reaping money of our soil.
Few of us stay and keep striving with the hoe and cutlass.
We need to start fabricating tools to ease the stress we go through.
We cant keep waiting for government

We blame everyone for the simplest thing we can handle ourselves
We can create things

Together we can

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