The Search For Cattle Manure

So we took off on an endurance treck to search for manure.
A Fulani herdsmen has once told us that they stay beside suku (School) close to a nearby village
I have never been to the school but I know the school is close by due to description.
Truly, the school was not far. 
At the school we met the teacher waiting for the student to resume even though its way past the normal resumption time.
And thinking the Fulani abode will not be far, we keep following the trail.
We cite a herdsmen at some distance but couldn’t catch up with him for quite some time
Luckily for us , we saw someone we know in the bush. So we asked for direction.

Its close to my farm

And he lead the trail.
Following him is this little boy.

His son.
They are going to plant yam.
The others left me behind cause I was trying to move along with the boy.
I kept thinking this boy is too small for this trek

But I learnt he has been following the father
Immediately we get to their farm, he stopped moving with us.
“Your boy has stopped ooo” I called the father’s attention
“No problem” he replied
“Only him? I asked from my stupidity

I was wondering leaving that boy alone in that bush in the middle of no where.
He was not scared

He was bold

He already sat down on the container the father brought.
We got the former Fulani abode cause they have moved based.
Plenty of the cattle waste but the distance already discourage me.
And at some point, only motorcycle can venture in to the place.
And then I keep thinking about the little boy
Imagine what this little boy would have been exposed to on the farm.
The  hard labour etc

He was born and bred on the farm
The sad part is they don’t value education.

Remember I told you, the teachers are waiting for the pupils at the school.

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