Nigerians And Integrity

Everything in Nigeria is diluted

Everything has been adulterated
Imagine our sisters has to be importing sheabutter from Ghana because every one they come across from Nigeria is mixed up.
Shea butter is produced mainly in Oke Ogun area of Oyo State.
I reside in one of the villages in Oke Ogun called #Ago_Amodu.
Every town and villages in that environment produces Shea butter.
Hardly will you get to a house where they don’t produce Shea butter.
And I am proud to say the Shea butter are #unrefined, #undiluted in its original form.
But the moments it moves out of our environment, some unscrupulous fellow has taken it upon themselves to dilute it with whatever they think will make them earn more.
Shea butter in its original form is highly potent.

The effects is felt withing days of application
Sheabutter are extracted from Shea nuts that came from Shea tree.
The process of extraction requires no additive, no chemical mix, just cold press system.
Its sad when all we have around is diluted and manipulated Shea butter.
Now everyone is looking for Ghana Shea butter when we have it around here.
Its time we start mentioning where we buy those fake and mixed products so others will not fall into the same fate.
Its also good we tell others where we get the original ones we are using and its effective.
This way we can push out the fake sellers tarnishing our names.
Surprisingly you hear Ghana black soap is superior to #Nigerian_black_soap.
If you are reading this and you are one of the people that dilute Shea butter.
Please do stop.
You might think people don’t know

But they do and the message get pass around.
Stop giving us bad name
Let’s protect our heritage

Let’s market Nigeria





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